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tv   Headline News  RT  July 21, 2014 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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breaking news on r.t.e. the train carrying the bodies of the victims recovered from the crash site of flight m.h. seventeen or reportedly on the way to know. the government leaders are expected to hand over the black boxes to malaysian experts in the coming hours. vs the french ministry says a second craft bearing the characteristics of a fighter jet was detected near the do malaysian airliner in the moments before it went on in eastern ukraine. the only thing you're willing to put out publicly is the social media i mean the social media that's part of it after russia releases the data it's gathered on the cross the u.s. is being pressured to show its evidence continues to claim local militia were
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responsible. also coming up this hour is really tank shell a hospital already packed with injured palestinians us the military offensive enters its third week triggering global condemnation and calls for an immediate cease fire. a warm welcome to moscow and to r.t. international with you iran the clock across the globe my name's o'neill. we start with breaking news the train carrying the bodies recovered from the crash site of the mh seventeen plane has reportedly begun its journey towards the netherlands at the same time to kiev leaders in eastern ukraine are about to hand over the flight recorders from the earlier to malaysian experts are teacher my car strength is in
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donetsk for us the bodies of the victims of flight m h seven see you know that war in the city of stories about tend to take a lot of away from that crash have indeed been taken away from there now i reported lee they're on their way to the city off which is beyond the area controlled by this self proclaimed defense forces say here in the east of ukraine after word the bodies will be sent over further to the netherlands and now this is all according to the dutch officials as well as the experts who have arrived here at the scene finally five days after the crash had taken place now the first expert that arrived on the scene was forensic specialists who took a look at the bodies that were stored in refrigerated train cars and he was satisfied with the environment that they were stored in and now i have to words
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later on malaysian experts have a ride and this time they were aviation has specialists and twelve of them have come here to the city of its own malaysian experts have. well probably will be able to achieve later on today is get a hold of those black boxes or those technical elements that resemble the black boxes that the leader of the self-proclaimed republic of the people's republic of the message was talking about. another jet was the tech to the same time in place of the malaysian plane crash in eastern ukraine during the characteristics of a military aircraft that's what russia's defense ministry today revealed and also spotted increased activity of ukrainian radars on the movement of book rocket launchers in the area on the day of the tragedy ortiz marina explains more. while everyone has been busy throwing around and playing the blame game there has been a lack of hard evidence in the case where russia is the fives ministry has been studying
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that they from its radars and satellites and this is what it's found well the biggest revelation so far as a second aircraft with characteristics consistent with those over ukrainian military jet flying within three to five kilometers of the malaysian boeing. five twenty one pm and thirty five seconds another mark of an aircraft appeared at the point of the crash. monitored by radio station. and sky during the next four minutes having spotted the jensen air traffic controller fail to identify it as the aircraft most probably didn't count for so if i didn't get asian system which is characteristic of military aircraft. why deploy a military jets in an area where there are passenger planes flying and why not mention it also here satellite pictures show ukraine's anti aircraft systems including the book missiles moving towards the east on the fourteenth of july of course he have claimed that face no airborne threat so why the build up plus take
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a look at this this is what we can see a book missile launcher is the fact that within a few kilometers of the nets around that time this is the spot right here than on the day of the crash and as we can see it is gone now let's move over here and take a look at ukraine's radar activity and see how it's changed here on the day of the crash july the seventeen is when we see it reaches its peak well here's one more question they do want to size it satellite pictures prove i'm sick of men forces launched a missile well where are those pictures is what russia's the finance ministry is asking because russia can see that a u.s. spy satellite was monitor in the area around the plane on the very same day and the very same time so it should have those images so the defense minister concluded the conference by saying that russia has shown all the data it has regarding movements both on the ground and in the air and is asking the international community to present their marina call serve all artsy. now in the interview with an american
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news channel the ukrainian president has denied though that any ukrainian warplanes are in the sky time petro poroshenko gave assurances that all aircraft were under control and on the ground president obama has just delivered a strong statement concerning the malaysia airlines crash pointing the finger out russia out of the country for not pressurising militia in eastern ukraine into allowing a proper investigation to take place ortiz marina porton i was following his speech the american leader has accused russia of training arming and providing the separatist needs ukraine with anti-aircraft equipment accusations moscow has a vietnam league denied obama insists that president putin has direct responsibility to force and separatists to what he says to stop blocking an international investigation into last week's shoot down of the malaysian airlines passenger jet unfortunately the russian backed separatists who control the area continue to block the investigation they've repeatedly prevented international
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investigators from getting full access to the wreckage as investigators approached they fired their weapons into the air. the separatists are removing evidence from the crash site all of which begs the question what exactly are they trying to hide now while obama insists that monitors are being blocked by the local militias statements that we're hearing from the from o.c. officials counter obama's version of events we heard from the no a c e person that insists that currently they are being provided access and security we've covered a wider area we've visited a site that we hadn't visited before. we had fairly good cricketer security. and you know there they did seem to provide us with a kind of a ring of security to allow us to to do the monitoring that we have to do now president obama has underscored his support for a prompt full on impeded and transparent investigation but the problem is that this
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investigation before it even begins is being tainted with the blame and accusations and you know and statements that are not necessarily true or factually correct so it would be best obviously if all governments are framed from pointing fingers and casting blame until the investigators start actually doing their job of gathering the facts and putting the pieces together now receiving live pictures from the u.n. security council which is sitting down to debate the crash of flight m.h. seventeen russia said it would block going to strictly a proposed resolution demanding international access to the russian side on this is the fire around the area of your moscow said it would only approve the motion if no hasty conclusions were made we will be bringing you more on this as the session on . allegations of russia's involvement in the malaysian plane crash have been picked up by many media outlets these are just some of the headlines appearing now and they're making it clear who they accuse of the
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tragedy laying the blame squarely on president putin store and here as well is what major broadcasters are seeing. this is not a case where terrorists are operating without an address or home base it's called the kremlin the blame is largely on putin and i think we have to hold him accountable russian separate issues russian equipment that they were trained on by russians to bring down a commercial jetliner wherever there are parts of the story being largely ignored ukraine has released what it claims is an intercepted phone call between anti-government forces and which they admit to dining the plane but speech unsigned popof say so recording is a fabrication. and if it's being presented as one on it it's had recorded in reality the sort if it was compiled out of several fragments the time inconsistent the part where it is being said the plane was downed by cossacks these monkeys reveal that one fragment was recorded at sixteen thirty
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three and that the second fragment which comes right off towards was recorded at seventeen fifteen. he has also released pictures of a surface to air missile launcher which it claims was spotted in an area held by anti government forces but local save a tyrant in the video has been under the control of the ukrainian army for the past two months former security consultant live a new series that so far no real proof has been on field when you see. this is something that is produced by experts on the ground it takes weeks and months before you can jump to any conclusion whatever is being said is just speculation to a political move to each. detail lots being largely sidelined is not the pilot was told by ukrainian traffic controllers to reduce the chewed by six hundred meters just before disaster struck darts of also being raised over the unusual flight path what is actually just wishes is not the plane has to do you. typically takes which
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seems to be now very very different from the flight just a day before. ukraine also claims the missile that hit the plane was launched from territory controlled by anti government fighters intelligence expert bridge ses it's hard to establish thought for sure one could say from the outset with some investigation the air of ground from which it was launched and of course that would give an indication even though it's accepted i think if you put in much of eastern ukraine is in a fluid situation in terms of who controls what and given time. and also what the media was quick to latch onto was the picture of an alleged loser off the crash site and this one has caused a lot of anger let's listen to what the dutch prime minister had to say it because talks i am short by the images of totally disrespectful behavior at this tragic site this is downright disgusting indeed the photo has been repeated many times
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accompanied by angry comments the antigovernment fighter was described as holding a child's toy monkey as if it was a trophy although sometimes an image but it doesn't tell the whole story. and five seconds that changed the whole picture p.r. expert phil butler says the blame game that's unfolding in the media has spun out of control. what you're seeing now is actually. in mice almost sixty years i've never seen leadership act on such flimsy speculation being an expert in social media and seeing what goes on in on twitter and facebook . i think the flavor of this is this very distasteful for the average person hard to know what the motivations are but it's a mighty quick public relations or media outlet over something that
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should be taken. on a more steady course. spot the lock of hard evidence the us has come out accusing militias on russia of being behind the plane crash the state department was asked about what those accusations are based on all you're willing to present publicly that backs up your version of the story which may well be the correct version of the story but all you need while well it may well be but i think you know i don't know and you know. it because i haven't seen your evidence that shows that the missile was launched from. saying that so the only thing you're willing to put out publicly is the social media accounts i mean the social media that's part of it right but there is social media account that says that the disputes that are the claims to present a different a different version so what we said very should be met why don't you there are many many many theories but you're saying not so when you're going to meet me illogical
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well i would point out though all of the accounts that do not support your version of events are now wrong and all of the ones that do support it are right because we make assessments based on a variety of intelligence and a variety of information some of which we can talk about publicly and some of which we can ok now we're going to return to the un security council which are holding a meeting the foreign minister of australia is nice speaking let's take a listen and also demands a for an independent international investigation into the sec. we must have aren't says we must have justice we are urged to the victims and their families to determine what happened and who was responsible for the resolution of knowledge is the investigations already underway it demands that safe secure for all and unrestricted access to the crash site be provided so the investigating authorities can carry out their work it is despicable that this excess is not being
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provided it is an affront to the victims and their families all states armed groups everyone must cooperate with the investigation we welcome the un secretary general's offer of assistance to the investigation the united nations will continue to have a crucial role. mr president the message from this council to those who are responsible for this atrocity is definitive you will be held to account for your actions a strain you will continue to do everything we can to ensure this barbaric act is thoroughly investigated and the perpetrators are brought to justice we have an overriding objective to ensure dignity respect and justice for those killed on m.h. seventeen we will not wrist until this is done we will not rest
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until we bring them home. i think. mr bishop has to give the fruit to his excellency mr. bone we said before nothing is and european affairs of luxembourg so. pretty don't see the looks of most of it is he did i don't show i do not need to. vent. to talk to us or also hearing their thoughts the u.n. security council has agreed to an australia resolution concerning of course you know lottery as well i should add that's going to starting a doomed flight of the malaysian airliner which crashed in east ukraine you've just been listening to the foreign minister of australia speaking at issue.
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still to come in the program israel shells a hospital in gaza already packed with people fighting for their lives the death toll in the two week long offensive has now surpassed five hundred thirty causing global art ridge with world leaders confessing israel has gone too far more not coming off to the brink. of war without and with no pre-determined exit strategy israel's most recent invasion of gaza could last for months the humanitarian catastrophe for the palestinians is incalculable how this enhanced israel's security is unclear. please please take me very hard to take out. once again there is a lot happening that are facts that make their lives. please
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. please. please look at. the people. you're welcome back to the program now about an hour's drive from the crash site of the malaysian airliner ukraine's army has unleashed heavy artillery on the city of the nets which has already left at least five civilians dead many more injured the
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city is the capital of the region and it's feared the active combat action there will humper the investigation of the crash heavy shelling was reported near the city's main railway station with some reports suggesting the army is using grad rocket systems and this video from the nasa has emerged online showing at least three people lying on the ground judging by the critters nearby they were partly caught in deadly fire the ukrainian army denies it's been shelling the city but other images posted online show a different picture. come we're going to look more center. we're going to school football you. know what a. normal
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three year got off. to do. some with. no no no match the kid a message mobile phone video was shot by a lake just north of the net several families with children who had been relaxing there rushed for shelter after explosions went off on the other side of the water we spoke to one of the survivors. for her i was going to buy of her but he stopped five hundred meters before entering the wall at the way she just way people were swimming or i designed they started bombardments and floyd am the shelling was heard coming from the chemical plant nearby my father told me so much hillary systems were instilled at the plant so they fired in the direction of the a pole and donetsk railway station you can still see the smoke rising from the area
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. and now we have the opportunity to speak live to michael it by cure a cue from the o. s. c. mission monitoring their recovery efforts on the investigation of the malaysian airliner crash site thank you very much mr buster a-q. for joining us now the u.s. president earlier when he voiced his concerns didn't get the work of experts at the crash site is being hindered but earlier the mission said there was no longer interference what is the situation like. right ok thank you for having me so we've been on the ground here for four days now although we've had a team here for three months but for days we have been focused on the crash area and from day one actually we were able to bring with. experts from the ukrainian side from the. ocean department there and they have they seem to when we talked to
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them today after three or four days on the ground quite pleased in terms of the area that they were able to search for clues to what caused the crash also today for the very first time international experts came in and we facilitated their passage to the train station until. about ten or fifteen kilometers near the crash site where the bodies were being stored in refrigerated cars we also took them to some of the crash sites two three or four of the eight major impact sites and they were able to look at the situation there now i want to be clear these are forensic experts they're not crash investigators from the from the netherlands. but again you know we had fairly good access today according to our discussions with them. and your mission is you've heard it not to investigate anything so what does the u.s. see do that
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a plane crash in then. well you know probably it's the first time the o.s.c. has been drawn into you know being involved in a plane crash of this sort our mandate is clear it's to establish the facts and to report on them as we've been doing here for the past three months and also to facilitate dialogue so i think that second part of the facilitation of dialogue and getting things to connect to getting people to move especially our monitors from one place to the other. has been as a result partially because of our long time here on the ground and the relationships that have been built up the other thing of course you know in the absence of so many so much information. are you know it may look quite simplistic to some people but being able to go out every day what we see report in a very neutral objective way and then information goes out to fifty seven member
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states and they were seeing clearly in the russian federation united states ukraine and then to the general public in that void of information i think that's played a big role in why has it taken so long for international experts to arrive to the scene. well maybe i can best answer that by you know the process the dutch investigators went through it took them i think a day dinner have to get here there quite a bit of logistical and security issues to address don't forget that the crash scene is in the middle of a conflict zone and for example between here and the crush area there are probably about ten checkpoints so everything here takes time you know you have to explain what you're going to do some you know negotiation. and but we've done a lot i think in the past four days but there is
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a lot of work that is far far better placed for others to do and you know what remains to be seen when the. experts will come here i can tell you though that just in the past hour or so we did bump into some. delegation if you will from malaysia they've made it here and to moral were expecting that they'll want to go up to the cross site to begin their own investigation and just finally we know you have a hectic schedule but until govern militia have promised cooperation access to evidence to mention national experts is a promise being fulfilled michel. i can only say really what our own mission has experience and as i looked into earlier is that we did have to go through quite a bit of logistical hurdles but today was fairly good in the sense that we did reach the area we need to look at fairly quickly we did have security but you know
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i must say and we have reported on this day after day is that there is no perimeter security around that cross site it is a big area granted and there are many villages there and so on but normally you know when a crash like this happens one would expect the first thing is a secure perimeter to be established so that has not happened and we have reported on it o.s.c. spokesperson michael buss turkey we do appreciate your time this hour thank you and the u.k. ambassador to the security council lyall grant is not making his statement on the mh seventeen crash investigation let's listen in to what he has to say be preserved and investigators must immediately be granted safe secure fool and on restricted access finally the council is sending a strong message on accountability those who were responsible and those who were
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complicit in the shooting down of m h seventeen must be held accountable for their actions the resolution demands that all states must cooperate fully with these efforts mr president the context for this tragedy is russia's attempt to destabilize a sovereign state and violate its territorial integrity. the events of the post food days should serve as a wake up call in moscow and come to profoundly examination of russia's policy of supporting training and arming on tick separatists in eastern ukraine thank you. i thank the representative of the united kingdom for just this month ok that's where we leave a security council meeting for. this hour i'll see at the top of the next.
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in florida the debate over whether illegal immigrants should be able to get driver's licenses is heating up one group called the living with angels says that they should be allowed behind the wheel to support this view they use a classic argument that comes up a lot in the media they say that not a lot of people for it are legal so if you're not legal you can't ever driver's license what's with that this is like when people say well we should legalize drugs because people use them anyway or we should legalize prostitution because people will do it anyway so essentially i think they mean that since everyone comes here illegally anyways we may as well let them drive so if enough people do something we currently consider illegal does that make it ok maybe sometimes but in the case of illegal immigration rolling out the red carpet for people to come to our nation illegally just empowers more people to come and it certainly spits in the face of locals and legal immigrants who do obey the rules of bureaucracy so here i would
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say no to driver's licenses for illegals in florida yeah there might be millions of them in the usa but that doesn't justify society bending over to make their lives comfortable if you want to drive in america be born american or become one the legal way but that's just my opinion. we profit very large very attractive and now very globally recognized source of oil for the world and into the future the world's cheapest and best petroleum deposits have been mined out we have to use more energy to get this energy industries grow like a cancer in each of these squares it's ten kilometers where. and good old area is slated to be way to that's her drinking water that's our world lead.